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Re: PC: Re: PC equipment in MOW service

The ex-PC gons that I saw around Pittsburgh were mostly on the now-CSX/NS 
lines near Homestead. However, I was too far away to get the numbers.

Also, last week, I saw an ex-PC flatcar near the Sandcastle water park near 
Pittsburgh. It was still in green. The car was in a cut of coil-steel cars 
near one of the old mills.


> > Just wanted to let you all know that a few ex-PC gons are floating 
> > and CR in western PA. Most are too beat up to read the numbers, but you
> > still make out the PC green paint. I've seen at least 3 in various
> > in and around Pittsburgh.
>Any specifics? I might get the chance to snoop around the area, and might 
>well look for these, while I'm at it.
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