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PC: NYC/PC Flexi-Flows...

   Does anyone have a good picture of one of the Flexi-Flow cars painted for 
NYC or PC.  I don't have the NYC color guide and the one is the PC guide is, 
in my opinion, a poor example.  If anyone has and scannable pictures or 
perhaps knows of a website where I can see one, please let me know.
   Also, I had a question a couple weeks ago concerning the color of PC's 
numbers under the cabs of there engines.  I know that the "standard" paint 
job for PC was white numbers.  What I need to know is wether PC painted any 
of it's numbers in yellow/gold like on the ex-PRR units... namely all the 
F-M units that were stationed in Chicago that didn't get a full PC paint 
job.  Any information will be appreciated...
                                                        -Gregg B.

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