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PC: PC Freightcar Award

I keep forgeting to bring this up. It is just a matter of an interesting
sighting of a few years ago.

About 2-3 years ago, I was at a gun show at Valley Forge, PA and while I
was checking out the latest in firearms technology, I came across a gold
O scale boxcar on a wood display w/ this engraving:  "Golden Freightcar
Award 197x Penn Central RR"
I don't remember the year, but it somehow found it's way into a gun
dealer's hands. He had it priced at $300-350 dollars. I thought that a
bit steep atthe time, so I passed it up. I should'a grabbed it.

Does anyone know anything about this piece? The year PC won the award? 
Then again, it looked easy to fake it. It was a simple item.


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