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Re: PC: Fwd: PC Green paint...

<<<Hey gang, 
Here's a question that came to me from one of my website visitors. Since
I haven't had my airbrush running in a couple of years, much less
painted much PC stuff lately, I really don't know the answer to this
one. Can anyone offer suggestions on how you paint *your* PC freight

Question: Where  can I get the Deep Water Green that I must paint my
rolling stock with? Years ago, Floquil used to sell it. But I cannot
find it now! I like Scalecoat paint, but don't see it there, either. Can
I mix it from stock colors? Do you have a formulation? Can you help?>>

I use Scalecoat #34 PC Green. As far as I know, it is still available.
IMHO, it is the best. Order from your local hobby shop. If he wants your
money, he will do it.
I think Badger had it in that safe, water-based "flex" line. I tried it
and was not happy w/ it as it was thick going on. It is very hard to
 I stick to the harmful paint. They use better deadly chemicals.


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