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Re: PC: Your tax $ at work

The video shot was quite dramatic. If I can figure a way to get it, I'll post it.

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---- longodshall -AT- webtv.net (Lon Godshall) wrote:
> Got this little item off ERN for your reading displeasure.
> Seems the feds have nothing better to destroy.
> With tear in eye,
> Lon
> Investigators in Pueblo have deliberately crashed an old Penn Central
> passenger car which once ran the rails in Philadelphia.  The crash
> into a barrier at 35-miles-an-hour was performed to collect data in an
> effort to make passenger rail travel safer. 
> Rail car builders say they will use data gleaned in the crash to make
> seats and flooring in new passenger trains safer. The old railroad car
> reportedly jumped three feet in the air on impact, throwing crash
> dummies that were not wearing seat belts throughout the car. The crash
> completely crushed the first six feet of the car, but officials point
> out that the chances of a real train coming to a dead stop at that speed
> are pretty remote.

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