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PC: Review of Athearn's 8-door 86 foot Box

 I recently picked up one of Uncle Irv's new Penn Central 8-door 86-foot
boxcars and was really impressed. I'm not going to comment on the kit
itself, because it's been out for a long time. Instead I'm gonna talk about
the paint work.
 The paint job on this car is a pip! The jade green is evenly, solidly
applied, and the big markings like the worms and reporting marks are equally
solid and even. The small stencils on the doors (Open This Door First; Two
Full Turns; etc) are very sharp in black on the silver doors. The ends have
equally sharp special equipment data (D-3 Springs; Vabcopac Brake Shoes;
etc.) in white on jade green. You can even risk eyestrain, or more prudently
use a magnifier, and read the ownership clause in the top right corner of
the sides.
 Equally good news is Athearn's enclosure of McHenry couplers in place of
the de rigeur horn-hooks. Now your new PC monster is ready right from the
box to transport parts to the local Chrysler-Plymouth plant! Huzzah!
 Athearn also makes a 4-door 86 footer in case you'd rather service a Ford
or GM plant.
 I paid $11 for my Athearn #2977 car. It was very well worth it!

Car Data - Penn Central class X60G boxcar, car number 238083

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