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PC: Penn Central K9 Numbers

Hi all,

I am putting the finishing touches on a kitbashed K9 stock car.
(Converted from a Bowser X32... many, many, many holes!) Our club's
monthly contest is a stock car, and I need to put up a "modern" steel car
against all of those wood abominations that are certain to surface. :^)

My oldest ORER is after PC eradicated these cars, and the PC color 
guide only shows K9b numbers.

If there is anyone out there willing to do some research in a pre-1972
register, I am looking for a plain K9 class car with PC reporting marks. 
I hope some made it! The PRR numbers were 131000-131062. (From the
PRR Color Guide Vol. 2)

Expect Bowser to have theirs done in about a week...


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