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PC: REA Green Paint

In reply to the questions asked on the CBQ list about painting REA 
cars Vick Roseman's book, Railway Express An Overview 
suggusts the following for painting REA models green quoted from 
the book"
	"Until about 1960, Railway Express used a deep green for both 
refrigerator cars and for their trucks. The green REA used then is a 
bit darker than the color of green found on Del monte vegetable 
cans. A color that is easily available is Tamiya's acrylic water-
based paint #XF-11, Japan Navy Green, available in most hobby 
shops. I usually add a drop of red Tamiya paint to the green to dull 
it a little. Floquil Dark Green (#110040) mixed with a few drops of 
red in the bottle will likewise dull dow that color fore REA use. 
These colors should give a starting point for mixing other brands of 
paints as well. The red color should be the brightest red/red orange 
available in your favorite paint line, such as SP Scarlet (#110136)."
	"The second generation of Railway Express colors was 
introduced in 1960 and included a much lighter green. In many 
cases where trucks or trains did not need to be repainted, they 
remained the old darker color and received new lettering and 
emblems (the big diamond with the "X"). In other cases a new 
lighter, "apple green" was used. A color close to this green 
available ready mised is Pactra's Chromate Green. It come in a 
spray can #SM16. This is also coded with a federal government 
standard number of FS-34258. Pactra also has this color in their 
enamel line of paints, and it is just about right for the new colors 
chosen for REA Express in 1960 when this name was taken 
offically in plaoce of "Railway Express Agency." The red color was 
unchanged, and again, this color is suitable for painting REA-
owned and leased trains as well as trucks."
	This book Rocky Mountain Publishing, Inc
2929 Blake St.
Denver, CO 80205
	For anyone interested in the Railway Express Agency this 
book is a must have. 

BN Bob

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