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PC: PC Boxcar sighting...

   Saw a picture of an X-58c boxcar, #266109 on Thursday, November 4th at 
Norfolk Southern's A.O. Smith Yard.  The can was in full PC livery with all 
markings intact and easily readable.  I snapped the picture with a digital 
camera, so I have a downloadable copy available.  I will send it to Jerry 
and anyone else who wants it.  What is actually interesting about this car 
is the number.  If you have the PC Color Guide, look on page 49.  This is 
the car just previous in the series, #266108.  Also of note, even though the 
car in the book has a medium-sized logo, the one I took in the picture has a 
very small logo, just big enough to fit between the side ribs.

                                                          -Gregg B.

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