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PC: Kato SW

Following is a e-mail copied from another list with some good 
information for all of you trying to put your DCC board into the Kato 
Bob Stafford
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From: CATRAX -AT- aol.com [mailto:CATRAX@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 2:30 PM
To: dave_lotz -AT- email.msn.com
Subject: Info for Kato NW2 frame milling

      1.   First, allow  me to mention that this is my own 
endorsement of
offered services  and I highly recommend Brinton R. JONES for his 
He can be reached at the following:

       Brinton R. Jones                       Ph:  (510) 651-2059
       42430 Blacow Road, #1             www:bmrjones -AT- pacbell.net
       Fremont, CA  94539

       2.  Installation instructions are provided as a four-page, color-
set to enable you to visualize your progress from  start to finish.  
included is a wire length recommendation chart for both HO and N 
indeed a nice touch!
       3.  As listed in my set of instructions, milling is provided for
different types of decoders.
       4.  $18.20 EXCHANGE includes pc board for rear lights and 
return to
you by Priority Mail.  Does not void the KATO Warranty.  Retains 
forward and
reverse light functions.
       5.  I've finally found enough time to actually sit down and start
installing my first decoder.  Brinton was kind enough to call and 
some vital infromation to shield the resistor for the rear headlight 
aluminum foil.  You will need to place it between the shell and the 
 He mentioned the heat warped one of his beautiful WP NW2's.  I 
confident that the unit will run to prefection down here in
Baton Rouge on our MidSouth Model Railroad Club layout.
       6.  In closing, I would like to thank Brinton and any other folks 
the hobby for providing services for those of us less skilled in some 
of the
more technical areas of model railroading.

       Thomas L. "Tomcat" Kelly                 Ph:  (225) 751-1263
       11515 Blanton Avenue                       www:CATRAX -AT- aol.com
        Baton Rouge, LA  70817-7836

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