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PC: Proto 2000 rumor

 > I've seen some paperwork on these - it's for real.  B-B FM cab units, not
 > quite a Proto 2000 but better than a Proto 1000 - after 80 billion
 > Rivarossi junkers someone's finally going to do it right.

So what will they be sold as?  My impression was that they were Proto 2000

 > Supposedly they will go right down the EMD line also, they've done all the
 > GP7/9/18/20 and the GP30....   the 35, 38, 39 and 40 are naturals. an SD24
 > wouldn't surprise me either.  

I have been thinking the same thing as well.  However, Kato did a GP35
within the past handful of years. (That doesn't mean much, since I think
there is still huge demand) 

A GP38 or 40 would be great, but Garrett hinted that PRR/PC fans would be
pleased.  In my book that means six axle.  One recent conversion I
performed was to modify a pair of Proto 2000 SD9 drives to allow Atlas SD35
shells to fit. (Correct wheelbase & trucks, fuel tank needs to be rebuilt)

My guess is that the rumor may be an SD35...

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