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PC: East Syracuse Station

Bill wrote:  "Last but not least get your shots of the East Syracuse station
while you
can; last report is it will be demolished for yet another &)^$!)@&$!@
mall/plaza complex....  (this is a late NYC or PC building!)"

What a shame!  As a boy I used to sneak off from home (then Penfield, New
York -- just outside Rochester) on Saturdays and ride from Rochester to
Syracuse and back for the day.  I'd tell my parents I was going downtown --
they'd have thought the train ticket a complete waste of money.  The East
Syracuse station was no great shakes architecturally, but it's full of
memories for me.  And if there's one thing we DON'T need, it's another
shopping mall!

BTW -- The station dates from New York Central days; it was opened after the
main station in downtown Syracuse was closed.

Philip J. Kuhl
Arlington, Virginia
PJKuhl -AT- erols.com
"A mind, like a fountain pen, will work when willed.
But a mind, like a fountain pen, must first be filled."

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