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PC: PRR art

Does anyone know anything about PRR artwork?

I have a large maybe 18"x24" or so poster here showing Uncle Sam towering
over at least 6 tracks, with a PRR 4-8-2 charging down the middle and flats
loaded with tanks on the right track.  It's a repro of a watercolor and
bears the identification Pensylvania RR C 1942 and the artist name Dean
Corn Well (in 3 lines).  Around this is a gold border with "Serving The
Nation" at bottom center and a bigger maroon border around that with reads
Pennsylvania Railroad in larger type.    I've no idea if it's original ( I
have one someplace on heavy cardboard that likely is orignal) but it's not
in bad shape even though I've never figured out just what to do with it.

Anyone know how to tell how old it could be, if it's worth anything?  I'm
debating wether to hang it up, run it on eBay, or roll it up and stash it


Bill K.

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