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Re: PC: PC Demographics

I grew up in Seabrook, MD,  2 blocks from the electrified PRR mainline.  I 
was 9 when the merger happened and for a long time, I didn't like Penn 
Central.  But when I "cut my teeth" taking pictures, it was on the PC, both 
at Seabrook and at Bowie, where I got to know several of the tower operators. 
 I was finally hooked when I went to Horse Shoe Curve  when I was 16.  Those 
black SD45's and Alcos were just too hard to resist, I guess.  I hired on as 
a tower operator in 1980, after Amtrak took over,
but there were still a few E33's and diesels in PC paint on Conrail freight 
trains.  Fittingly, my first tower to learn was Bowie.  We still used a lot 
of Penn Central forms in those days.  I eventually worked every tower between 
Landover and Perryville.  I became a train dispatcher in 1985 and got a 
better offer from the RF&P in 1988.  When CSX took over in 1992, I moved to 
Jacksonville.  (The territory I work on now covers Washington Court House 
among other places).  There are a few ex-PC people here, but not many.  My 
time on the former PC was the most enjoyable of my railroad career.  (Talk 
about a tome!!)       
Bryant Mills
Jacksonville, FL
Still jealous of the operator at ALTO

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