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PC: Wake up


PC in the house, well, the house is for living in, not trains.  I never
understood having signs, lanterens and what not all over the place (outside
of the layout room), kinda tacky if you ask me. I have a small desk that I
work on and a bookcase in my office that has models in boxes in it,
othewise, just any other house.

However, my wife was removing some paint in the kitchen and one of the lower
layers was a green between PC and NYC, so does that count?  No remarks about
worms in my kitchen please:^)

As for your press-on letters, I helped the Tennessee Central museum
re-letter one of thier cars and they get these vinyl letters here in
Nashville.  They seem to hold up well, and have a whole bunch of available

A while back I saw a NICE set of the NYC system stickers that were about a
foot tall and foot and one half long.  I wanted to get a pair as in the
future I would like to get an old Chevy pick-up from the 1960's to haul
stuff in.  Seeing as the most common color for these old trucks is jade
green, put one logo on each door, then get a spotlight, CB radio antenna and
an old toolbox for the back.....

As for nothing on the list, join PRR-talk if you want a bunch of e-mail,
those guys get off on getting/sending e-mail.

Off to Chicago and the Illinois RR museum next week, anyone else going to
their diesel event next weekend?  If so, drop me a line.

Garrett Rea

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