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PC: SD38

Penn Central had the largest SD38 fleet. Their 35 units accounted for
over 50% of the SD38 production (or close to 25% if you inlcude the
SD38-2). Amazingly, I checked my latest Conrail roster and they were all
still listed! Does anyone know if this listing was correct?

The only 38 fleet that came close to PC was the combined fleet of the 3
ore roads (BLE, EJE, SMIR). Together, they had a 38 fleet approaching the
size of the PC fleet, but while PC was solid SD38, the ore roads had the
SD38-2. EJE units (possibly 38's) were seen in the Dennis the Menace

As far as I can tell, SP didn't have an SD38. Like several roads, the did
buy a handful of the SD38-2, but the numbers didn't approach the size of
the PC fleet. These six units were on the roster in the early nineties,
but as far as I can tell they were gone (or possibly rebuilt) before the
merger with UP.

Bryan Turner

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