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PC: Brass Side Car Construction

The upcoming issue of RMC (not the current one with the F2 on the cover)
will have an article on brass side construction. The article specifically
will be about building an L&N/Crescent 10-6 using NKP sides, but there
should be some general information useful in any similar passenger

There has been a lot of material about custom building L&N passenger cars
recently. If you are interested in this type of construction, check out
back issues of the L&N RR Historical Society's magazine "The Dixie Line."
A year a so back there was an article in RMC that was condensed from some
of these articles. While not PC related, these articles will give a lot
of insight on passenger car construction techniques.

If you are interested in the L&N angle, that list is at:

Bryan Turner

> I think the best bet (outside of the old IHC/Rivarossi Budd coach 
> and grill)
> are to get some of the custom sides or the ECW/E&B Valley kits.  
> Union
> Station Products makes a nice selection of sides, and I know of a 
> few
> others.  

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