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PC: Hamilton Beach & Irony

>Seaboard Air Line got around this problem with their sun lounge cars.
>SAL had three of these cars for their New York-Florida trains. These cars
>made it into Amtrak, so they would have ran on the Penn Central. One was
>scrapped, but two others were bought from Amtrak. The Hollywood Beach is
>now based out of Nashville.

Union Station has a kit for this very car, this is the SCL car that I need
decals for in my earlier e-mail!

Used to drive past it every day to and from work (sat cat-corner from the
Hardrock Cafe) just across the river from the temporary home of the
Tennessee Titans till Bud Adams decides to move again.  It is a neat car.
Does anyone have conformation of this car being on PC trackage (roster)?

Garrett Rea

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