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Re: PC: Re: Re: Perlman Yard

  My uncle who worked for NYC, PC and Conrail, believes it was and has been 
called "Selkirk Yard" shortly after the opening ceremonies. It was smoother 
to say, and many R.R folk were not too fond of Al Perlman. He also tells me " 
I can't get anyone to believe me" that good old Al had designers give him 
blueprints on the "cheaper" and yes, possible! Expanded Dewitt yard in East 
Syracuse. There was only TWO small house like structures that sat on the 
North side of the classification yard. None of these structures were valuable 
by any means! The 40 track class yard could have easily been expanded to 
55-60 tracks.... And the westbound class yard could have been reconfigured 
for an expanded recieval departure yard. I would pay dearly for copies of 
these "blueprints" Thanks for letting me ramble!! 

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