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PC: Re: hopper car usage

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From: Greg Johnson
1) Were 55 ton hoppers still used much during this period?
2) If they were still used, what would be an estimate of the ratio of 55 ton
to 70 ton to 100 ton?

Here is a break down of hoppers cars owned by the PC as of January 1969:

Cars with  PRR reporting marks:

50ton  59
55ton  598
70ton  19711
77ton  9275
100ton 7772

Cars with NYC reporting marks:

55ton  7956
65ton  4704
70ton  4552
77ton  2546

Cars with B&A (Boston & Albany) reporting marks:

70ton  261
77ton  348

Cars with PC reporting marks:

77ton  32
100ton  27
(must have been really slow at relettering hoppers)

Cars with BWC reporting marks (BERWIND)

50ton  1727
55ton  72

Cars with   CASO (Canada Southern) reporting marks

70ton  220
77ton  23

Cars with  P&E (Peoria & Eastern) reporting marks

55ton  3
65ton  74

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- home.com

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