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PC: RE: NS?...CSX?...PC!

In reply to the reference made to United Parcel Service in Evil Mike's 
post.  United Parcel Service has pulled some, NOT ALL, traffic of of 
Norfolk Southern and CSX Trains.  Some of our shipments are not making 
their delivery deadlines.  This is temporary until the problems are solved. 

Also, since we are a large customer of both railroads and work very closely 
with both, UPS has up to date information on the merger problems and I can 
tell you that the problems highlighed in the previous post are not 
possible.  I know that we're all fans of the Penn Central and that this is 
a similar situation, but I really don't think that this will be another PC, 
even though some of us may want it to be.  For those of you wondering where 
I got this information, very simply I work for UPS I.S. Division.

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