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PC: NS?...CSX?...PC!

We have all been hearing how CSX and NS seem to be falling appart at the 
seams w/ this CR split up.  From what I can see things are getting worse.  
First towns in NJ were complaining because trains were left idiling for near 
24 hour stretches due to a lack of crews.  Also due to the fact that a train 
hasn't run on time for days UPS pulled all its traffic off trains and put 
them on trucks untill the problems go away.  The Philadelphia water 
treatment system is now taking a hit.  They get chlorine delivered right to 
the plants via tank car.  They even keep a 30 day supply, but now due to 
late shippments their supply is down to 9 days.  I just got this message off 
the Conrail e-mail list.

The Philly Water Dept (PWD) chlorine problem is critical.  The PWD has
already begun trucking gas into the Baxter water plant so that operations 
can continue.  A water department official went to Conrail's Frankfort Jct. 
looking for the tank cars and said that the yardmaster was nearly in tears.  
Apparently, the tank cars come out of Jones Chemical in New York state and 
are normally routed down to Frankfort Jct. for delivery.  When PWD called 
the chemical company, the only information that the company could get from 
the RR's was that the cars had gone somewhere in Massachusetts, they 
thought!  It's starting to look as if I'll be able to see my own Penn 
Central disaster.

Ben Russell
PA DEP Southeast Region
Bureau of Water Supply Mgmt.
555 North Ln. Suite 6010
Conshohocken, PA 19428-2233

I was just wondering what you all think the chanches of a CSX/NS self 
destruction is and what would they be reorganized into?  Also would anybody 
WANT to see CSX and NS go down the crapper and if so what would you want in 
their place?

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