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Re: PC: Hump Engines -Reply

Bill K. <Pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com> wrote:
That RSD5 also had the nose from an RS1 - apparently it was a wreck
prior to conversion.  

The RSD-5 in question was originally PC 6804.  The long hood ahead of
the stack (i.e. radiator) was damaged in a yard accident at Syracuse, NY
during November 1973.  The unit was renumbered PC 6803:2 during
6/74.  When it was selected for slug conversion it received the long hood
from retired PC RS-1 9901.  It was released with no number, then re#
6803:2, then re# 9948, then re# 9949B (mother unit was 9949A).  Both
the slug and repowered mother unit (former RSD-15 PC 6811) were set
aside by Conrail 3/79 and shipped to Naporano Iron and Metal 1/13/81,

Bill K. continues:
I don't think it was the only EMD-powered RSD15 either, they switched
with several of them at Dewitt and I'm pretty sure much like a large
number of RS2/3's they got 567 transplants.  Eventually the 12/15's
became the slugs themselves -

The Penn Central was midway through a project to create another RSD-5
/ RSD-15 slug set on the formation of Conrail.  The units selected, PC
RSD-5 6801 and RSD-15 6815 were partially completed on 4/1/76. 
Conrail did not complete the project.  Both hulks were officially stricken
from the roster (never operated by CR) on 10/27/76.  They were traded
to EMD on new power and shipped on or around 6/25/77.  Both were
scrapped for EMD by Pielet Bros. 

The remaining RSD-15's (6812-6814, 6816) and all the RSD-12's
(6855-6879) were converted into slugs (CR 1100-1129) by CR during
1978 and 1979.  So far as I know, many operated as pure ALCO's by CR
before being converted.  I do not think any were reengined with EMD
engines before their conversion to slug status.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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