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PC: artwork

Hope this is not a repeate guys. Computer system was down fri. due to virus.
Someone Email me at p.p.solida -AT- lmco.com to let me know. I believe it did not
get out though due to shutdown.

Looking for (preferably) artwork showing "The Congressional Limited". Nice
ones of engines good but one showing observation car and drumhead would be
best. B&W ok but color Preferable. Photo ok if cant find artwork. Old add
would be great source. For those not looking to sell I am not necessarily
looking to buy artwork...Just a good scan is OK . Let me know if you can
help or know of a source.

P.S. Also looking for same for "20th Century Limited",(NYC) "Hiawatha",
"Daylight", (UP) & "Super Chief"(SF). Artwork of logos for the trains & RR
involved would help. Thanks.

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