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Re: PC: Hump Engines

At 06:35 AM 6/11/99 EDT, AGO3 -AT- aol.com wrote:
>What type of locomotives did Penn Central use for hump service?  I know
>the SD38s that Conrail still has/had.  I also know about a RSD5/RSD12 (I 
>believe) in syracuse.  Were any others used?
>A Olsen

   Collinwood (Cleveland) was home base to a substantial fleet of EMD
GP-7's/9's, which was what we used when I'd get called to work the hump
job, circa 1973-1976.  During a layover while on a road job to Buffalo's
Frontier yard, I saw an upgraded Alco RS-3 (with EMD prime mover) in hump
service there, but I don't know if it was a regular assignment. The only
6-axle stuff around Collinwood in those days were the (ex-PRR) Alco
Centuries, which were confined to the Cleveland - Mingo Jct. ore drags. 

Bob Rothrock

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