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Re: PC: Ore Jennys

Ken, you noted the absence of the PRR/PC/CR ore jennies.  They're gone!  CR
removed them from active service approx. 2-3 years ago.  I grew up along the
former PRR Panhandle main line, and ore trains were brought into my
hometown's Weirton Steel Co. in a constant flow.  Now ore is brought with
ordinary hopper cars.  Some of the old ore jennies have been sold to Weirton
Steel and are used to transport scrap metal from the company's scrap yard to
the furnaces.  Other cars were simply cut up for scrap.  Interestingly
enough, Mingo Jct., Ohio yard was a great place to see and to photograph the
ore jennies during their last days of service.  Once in a great while one
still lettered PRR would show up!  Like so much of what we knew as
wonderfully familiar is now gone.

Scott West,
Lancaster Co., Va.

"Kenneth Roble, Jr." wrote:

>         I noticed in the last few years I guess, that
> the ore jennys from PC, and CR have been dwindling down considerably. Is
> there no longer a use for them? If there are still roaming around, has
> anyone seen them with the new NYC markings?
>  Ken R JR

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