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Re: PC: Goodby Conrail

>As for someone rumoring there was one train a day using the Maybrook 
>Line was a total lie.

Information from the railfan press of the day.

>Time will tell if NS goes through with the plan to rebuild the line. 
The =
>owners of the bridge are in trouble anyway with the City of 
Poughkeepie, =
>State, Coast Guard to name a few over taxes,

Poughkeepsie Journal reported that the tax situation had been 
resolved before the bridge was transferred to the preservation group 
who now owns it.

> maintenance, lack of =
>navigation lights that went out when Central Hudson pulled the plug 

Of concern to the Coast Guard. Temporary navigation lights, on bouys 
and maintained by Coast Guard, are in place.

>stopped paying CR $26G a year for use of the bridge by routing power 
>lines near the bridge under the Hudson.

Incorrect. CR sold the bridge. It was the new owner who doubled 
Central Hudson's rent immediately, causing them to move the lines 
ASAP under the river. Information from the Poughkeepsie Journal at 
the time.

> That was part of the original =
>deal with NH, to string power lines across the bridge and provde NH 
with =
>free power for the navigation lights. So the current owners are 
still in =
>trouble over this. They now want Central Hudson to remove the unused 
>power lines and brackets but so far the utility company has not =
>responded. The group claims, the wires distort the appearance of the 
>bridge. So, with all this going up, may be resolved by NS if they go 
>through with the plan.

NS doesn't own the bridge. The preservation group does.

> It gives them a good New England route from Port =
>Jervis area as well as Croxton since there is no other Hudson River 
rail =

On what ROW. It doesn't exist anymore.

Peter King

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