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Re: PC:Re: Traffic Movements

PIOI going East and PINF going West left Conway this morning.  This
power was worked up yesterday and not crewed until today.  A 5 piece
lite move was dispatched around noon going West.  WICW-19 going to New
Castle and WICW-9 to Mingo Jct.. were combined from the diesel terminal
and went together somewhere.  Most of the day we were at a standstill
with  dozens of road power units waiting to go somewhere, anywhere I
hoped as it took us a hour and a half to get 1 yard engine for 4yard
from  the house and find a way out for it.  When I left at 3:00, the
inspection pits were backed up about 20 units to be worked on each track
plus about a dozen NS on a adjacent track. All spurs at the engine house
are full as is the engine house. Everything is all mixed ie; ok units,
shopped units and units going to CSX they won't use.  We have always
been backed up at Conway after a long holiday weekend and I can see it
took  a lot of brainpower to do this major transition the day after a

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