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PC: RE:Goodby Conrail

The employees that were furloughed were victims of the rationalization of
the entire industry,not just on the railroads merged into CR. Secondaries
not viable are cut off,we call them branchlines here in the south. How much
money can you pour into a sieve like the PC/eastern roads? With 5 man crews
and other archaic business practices to protect the unions,all railroads
were destined to fall on hard times. These are the facts of business and the
railroads had to rationalize both their physical plant as well as labor
costs. Please don't think I'm anti-union,my father was a steward for the IUE
at the giant GE plant here in Louisville. He would probably disown me for
speaking such anti-union rhetoric,it's just that with modernization and
mechanization of certain jobs,loss of almost all LCL business and <200mile
haul to trucks,railroads had to change. But not for the better in terms of
the people involved.

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