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Re: PC: Re: Re: Re: Re: B units

I remember reading an article in MR about Chicago & Northwestern RR's 
"Crandall Cabs." These were created by adding a full cab to one end of 
an E-unit. Apparently the C&NW needed more A-units to lead the commuter 

--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station

>Was the Haysi B unit their own or did they buy is second hand from a 
>road? Did the unit have dynamics? Would make an interesting model ot a 
>Unit with cab window. Come to think of it RI had a modified 1000 HP E7 
>Unit built by EMD with a Gas-Electric style cab end and baggage 
>later fitted with another 1000 HP engine. It's purpose was to operate 
as a B
>unit with a two sectrion train that was split enroute.

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