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PC: Odd.... -Reply

Garrett Rea wrote
This reminded me of something I saw:

Alot of E-units were scrapped or retired through out PC's tenure.  Some
even "donated" their prime movers for the Dewitt RS-3 rebuilding

Although many e-units donated their prime movers to the Penn Central
RS-3m program, the carbodies were still stored when Conrail was
formed.  There were at least 10 derelict ex-NYC e-units that are
generally not included in the equipmement that was transferred to CR. 
There are some pics of these derelict units going to scrap in late 1976 or
early 1977 in several issues of Rails NE.  

In my ConRail Power book (1977) it lists RS locos leased to ConRail that
are powered with EMD prime movers.  They were leased to ConRail by
GE of all people.....GE take them in on trade or what is the story??

These are ex-Missouri Pacific RS-3m's that they built in the early 1970's. 
They traded them to GE on new power and GE leased three of them to
CR in the early days when they would accept anything that would run. 
They were returned by the end of 1976 and were then scrapped.

Hope this helps
Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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