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PC: RE: PC color guide/all color guides

I own the PC color guide and use it for modeling purposes. I am not however
completely knowledgeble about the roster. Sorta that user beware type thing.
The Southern color guide is also woefully lacking in many classes of car and
that is a road that I do know. The L&N color guide will be released in 2
volumes and may set the standard for these type works,the exception being
items like the C&NWHS complete roster as they had the railroads' support as
well as a railroad still in existence. The C&O group also comes to mind as a
producer of complete as well as accurate material. One more thing to
remember is that you must have a good to excellent color photo of a class or
car in order to represent it in a color book. Our beloved PC was not exactly
on the top of everybody's list of gotta haves,especially for rolling stock.
The author may not have had enough photos. Many a book has gone to press and
been published and then the photos come flying out of the woodwork.

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