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PC: Re: C-628 Modeling/ Train Control questions


.  There also appears to be a hood(snow
>shield?) over a large vent on the long hood.  Any thoughts on how to make

Is this the one under the large roof panel?  Earlier today I was comparing
my model and a photo in Jan/Feb 1981 RNE.  I guess just make it out of sheet
styrene....  The photo also shows how the roof of an N8 cabin looks with the
Trainphone taken off.  My father was worried about smoothing off the roof of
a brass one for me after he pulled the train phone, I told him not to
worry....  Will look for rear end photos.

Not waiting for the Details Associates set?  I think the only odd part would
be the curved grabs at the corners of the hoods. The rest should be regular
grabs, lift rings, MU hoses, etc, etc.   The photos I have seen show no
train control boxes on them.

Train control, dumb question: I have been putting little boxes on my ex-PRR
diesels and looking for the pick up that mounts on the truck for my NYC E8-
but I want to know:  what was the difference of these systems, how did they
work, and what locos did/did not have this feature?  My U25, GP30, SD45 and
SD 40 (I know I am forgetting one) all have or are getting them, and my U23B
and C628 do not have them based on the photos I have seen.   The Fs and Es
had them hidden I assume, and what would be on an NYC GP20?  Any help?
Shows what happens when you model based of photos, you do what looks right
even when you do not know what or why!


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