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PC: Overland -Reply

>>> "Garrett Rea" <Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net> 03/27/99 05:52pm >>>

Does overland have a catalogue out?  I thought they only sold very nice
brass models, not detail parts too!


They do, but not your typical catalog.  I believe you can subscribe for
a catalog, which is quite nice, but if your local shop is an Overland
dealer, he can show you their catalog and  price lists (they have both
retail and dealer net price lists).  The problem with ordering their parts
is there is a minimum charge, so don't be disappointed if nobody
will order one small item for you.

Unlike the limited run brass, their parts generally stay in stock, and
sometimes they offer decal sets that are left over from the model run.
You will not see these advertised.

For Alcos, once I saw their rooftop dynamic brake grids with etched
screening, I could not settle for the one piece Cal Scale casting.


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