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PC: Local Dealers

I try to support my local hobby shops whenever possible. Sometimes the
locals don't have (and can't get) items I can find in mail. 

I figure it's worth paying $5 or $10 extra here or there to keep a local
shop open. (On the other hand, I will avoid big purchases from the list
price guys.) Mail order is nice, but on the other hand I just got home
from a local hobby shop where I was able to shoot the breeze with a
couple of other modellers/railfans. When I get the bug to buy something
it's nice to be able to hop in the car and go to the hobby shop. Hobby
shops are also great in helping with club or museum publicity.

One feature I like about local shops is "the back shelf." Most hobby
shops will hold that limited edition, hard to find item on the back shelf
until you can get it, as long as you are a good customer who doesn't
abuse the service.

Mail order has its place in the hobby world, but it's more fun to have a
local business. Hobby shops are unusual in today's world. Just look at
all of the other businesses (such as photo stores) that have been almost
completely killed by chains and 800 numbers.

Don't get me wrong. I have made (and probably will make) mail order

I'd thought I throw my two cents worth in before this topic is run into
the ground.

Bryan Turner

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