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Re: PC: Re: Stewart's Alco C628 Are Now at Hobby Shops!

They are going to do a C-630. When it will be done is another matter. Having
talked with Steve Stewart he wants to get both undec 628's out there then the
reissued F units will be next. He told me he wants to get the 50' RBL and the
Baldwin VO out before any new projects. One problem is that with the space and
employees he has available and with the amount of work it takes to get the
product out the door they can only run one item at a time. Thats why the Ft's
came out one roadname at a time. I've been at Stewarts and have seen what it
takes to assembly and test the products. It takes a lot of work and hand
assembly to get it all done. 
                                    Ken McCorry

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