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Re: PC: Steam on the Penn Central

There is a 2 tape Green Frog video that I watched with some friends the
other night.  It shows the NKP Berk when it was on the Golden Spike
Centennial Special from NY City going out to Utah.  And there were shots
of it near Batavia NY on the PC and also at Buffalo Central Terminal.  I
dont know the name of the tape set but it covers both PRR and NYC in the
first tape and PC in the second tape. Emery Goulash is the photographer.

Great tape and there is a GREAT shot of autoracks loaded with BRAND new
Barracudas in the Toledo area and you think these things will tip right
over they are rocking so much!  If anyone doesnt already know the name of
this set I will find it out for you but I think it is a good grab for any
PC fan


On Mon, 15 Mar 1999 Gene.Fusco -AT- lsil.com wrote:

> Last week someone asked about steam trains on the Penn Central.  I found
> photographic evidence of one such event over the weekend.
> In "The Remarkable GG1" by Karl R. Zimmermann (Quadrant Press Review),
> there is a photo of the British L.N.E.R. (London & North Eastern Railway)
> Flying Scotsman steam locomotive double headed with a PC black GG1 pulling
> a passenger train during its 1969 to 1972 tour of the US.  
> Gene

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