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PC: Stewart's Alco C628 Are Now at Hobby Shops!

The wait is over!!!

Honest!  No kidding!  M.B. Klein just called me to confirm my purchase of
two C628 locos.  They have them right there, right now. The salesman said
the new Stewart drives using the Buehler motors put Kato drives to shame.
The detail on the locos is excellent and best of all, I'll be getting mine
in 3 or 4 days!!!!

Klein's price tag on these is $89.99!  (Undec)  Try that with a Kato!

Excuse me for a few days while I run screaming through the streets! :^D

Gene (A *very* happy Alco fan)

OB PC:  Both of my units will be getting painted in PC colors.

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