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Re: PC: CSX vs. CSXT

CSSSB became CSS under Chessie ownership.
NYO&W was commonly shortened to NYOW. A few cars did have OW
NYNH&H was later NH
NYW&B was Always NYW&B

Remember seeing some cars lettered CNOTP and still 99% lettered SR (SOU) SR
also had cars stencile SA/S&A, GA, CNW

I think Rutland was RUT. Rutland book should have better data.

>I'll need to do a little more research on CNOTP. I'm not sure what is
>actually used as a reporting mark for this road. I remember once seeing
>CNTP. It is possible, because of the lease status, that the CNOTP is a
>paper railroad that does not have equipment actually wearing a CNOTP
>reporting mark, even though equipment may carry the road's initials for
>various legal reasons.
>In the current system, reporting marks are two to four letters without
>ampersands, with an X at the end denoting a non-railroad owner. The
>ampersand is still used in painting equipment on some railroads, but it
>is not part of the reporting mark. I assume that the current system was
>instituted before the end of 1961 because Rutland (which ceased operating
>in 1961) was often noted as being an exception to the rule by having a
>single letter (R) as a reporting mark.
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>>Not all reporting marks are 4 letters long. Some are longer like
>>CRI&P, CM&StP, CSS&SB and more
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>>>> CSX is not a reporting mark, although it is the name of the
>>>> Their reporting mark is CSXT.
>>>According to the interchange rules, a railroad's reporting marks can
>>>anything it wants, up to 4 characters but it can't end in "X." Any
>>>railroad company that has cars in interchange service must have a
>>>reporting mark that ends in "X."
>>>CSX couldn't use just CSX as a reporting mark, since they are a
>>>railroad. Hence the "T" was added to the end, with the lame excuse
>>>it stood for Transportation. (Bah Humbug).
>>>Kurt Thompson
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