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PC: PC dry transfer lettering

Just received a updated dry transfer listing from Greg Komar.  Besides the
NYC and PRR sets he has offered for some time, I took notice of a new set
that may be of interest to some list members:

Penn Central 3 bay hopper - Class H43 a,b & c - Series #472000-479450.
HO sets are $3.95    O scale sets are $6.95.

For those unfamiliar with Greg Komar's lettering sets, these are rub on dry
transfers, not wet decals.  All of the sets I have used have excellent
artwork.  He has started selling to dealers, so you might be able to get
these at your local dealer.  Also stated on this listing is that he will
custom print any set onto regular Microscale decal film for those that
prefer that method.

Otherwise, he can be reached at:

Greg Komar
15532 Woodway Drive
Tampa, FL

email: gkomar -AT- mindspring.com

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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