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PC: Penn-central passenger equipmet


I would introduce myself, ny name is David Santamans, and I'm living in
Barcelona, Spain, in the South of Europe.

I'm a great fan of the NYC, and I want to start modelling too in the

My  question is:
Can someone inform me of how were modified (if they were, of course),
the NYC passenger equipment after the merger whit the PRR to become PC.
I want information about P.S. sleeping cars and Budd Grat Steel Fleet,
as I'm building some of these cars form Brass Car Sides Products.
Paint, renumbering, etc...

Do you know the correct trucs for the P.S. Sleepers cars (i.e. 6-6-4, 18
rm, 13 br, etc...)?

Thanks for the help,

David Santamans

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