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Re: PC: PC employees

	I worked for the EL from 1972 until 1978. After that time I could 
see that I was about to get Conjobed and started looking for 
another job. Found one on the BN and moved west to keep 
railroading. I did have a bit of interaction with the PC since I was 
agent and the EL interchanged with them. Still remember the FACT 
system that replaced the agencies. You could tell that their was a 
lot of good people working for PC and they where the only reason 
the railroad kept going at all. The bunch that I work with now, hell 
they turn in a 25 mile timeslip because the engine doesn't have any 
paper towels. They have no idea what it was to work for a bankrupt 
carrier and have to buy and bring your own supplies, and hope the 
railroad paid the heating bill and the electric bill.
Bob Stafford

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