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Re: PC: P&LE/PC question

Garrett Rea wrote:
> When did the P&LE become its own?  

P&LE began its march towards independence from Penn Central in 1970 or
1971, not too long after the PC bankruptcy, when as a result of
litigation between P&LE and PC over debt owed P&LE, all PC personnel
on the Board of Directors left their positions and were filled from
within. It was still owned by PC, but the P&LE pretty much ran their
own railroad after that. P&LE was sold to PLECO (Pittsburgh & Lake
Erie Company) on 2/27/79, at which time the P&LE was a completely
independent railroad. (Source: Trains magazine article, July 1981.)

> Did any locomotives have identification between P&LE, P&E, T&OC, etc... and
> PC?

Three P&LE U28Bs (2809-2811) were leased to PC from 1969-1971. During
this time, they wore PC paint and emblems, with P&LE sublettering on
the side of the cab. (Source: PC Power) 

I don't know of any P&E locomotives wearing both P&E and PC lettering
or emblems, but that's not to say that there weren't any. AFAIK, there
were no T&OC-lettered locomotives during the later NYC or PC eras.


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