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PC: PC concrete overpasses

Many of you are probably familiar with some of the concrete overpasses
that the PRR built, especially in the western part of the system, which
featured bas-relief PRR keystones in the concrete. (An example can be
found on p. 126 of Schafer and Solomon's Pennsylvania Railroad Color
History book, published by Motorbook International.)

Today I received a slide in the mail from my friend Steve Hipes that
proves that the Penn Central left their mark in the concrete of at
least one overpass. The slide was of an overpass at S. Anderson Yard
in S. Anderson, Indiana, on the Conrail Indianapolis Line, dated
12-30-98. The PC worms emblem is clearly embossed into the side of
the concrete overpass. 

Does anyone else know of any other overpasses displaying worm emblems
in the concrete like this? I know that there are still a few bridges
with PC emblem panels bolted onto them (see the photo on my PC web
site), but I've never seen any concrete-embossed ones like this. If
I can get access to a slide scanner and permission from Steve, I'll
scan the slide and add it to the PC web site.


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