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PC: Re: (erielack) No Lackawanna video...

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Subject:        	(erielack) No Lackawanna video...
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Picked this up from another e-mail list I belong to. If anyone wants 
a Mark 1 video I would buy them now from the dealer who has them 
for they will be gone shortly.
BN Bob
> ---------------------------------
>From the Newark Star-Ledger newspaper
> An FBI Internet sting operation yesterday resulted in the arrest of a
>                 51-year-old New Milford man who authorities said was going
> to meet a
>                 14-year-old girl at the Bridgewater Sports Complex.
>                 That girl, however, actually was an FBI agent posing as a
> teen.
>                 Marc Stephen Balkin did not surrender peacefully when
> members of the
>                 Northeast Regional Child Exploitation Task Force surrounded
> his vehicle
>                 outside the complex on Frontier Road shortly after 11:30
> a.m.
>                 Balkin put his 1994 Ford van in drive and attempted to run
> over the agents and
>                 Bridgewater police officers, said Monica M. Patton, special
> agent with the FBI
>                 in Newark.
>                 An FBI agent fired one shot at Balkin's van when he refused
> to get out, Patton
>                 said. The shot missed the suspect but struck his vehicle.
>                 After the shot was fired, Balkin sped down a driveway but
> ended up on a
>                 dead-end street at a nearby industrial complex, Patton said.
> He then turned his
>                 van around and sped toward task force members who were
> giving chase in
>                 their cars.
>                 "They had to swerve to avoid a serious collision," she said.
>                 Balkin then headed north on Route 287 with authorities in
> pursuit but pulled
>                 over on a shoulder, where he was arrested.
>                 Balkin, who operates a video production company from his
> home, was
>                 charged with attempted sexual assault, endangering the
> welfare of a child and
>                 eluding arrest. He was being held in the Somerset County
> Jail pending his first
>                 appearance in court today, Patton said.
>                 Balkin's arrest came nearly one month after the FBI arrested
> a 30-year-old
>                 married man from Highland Park who disappeared with a
> 15-year-old
>                 Pennsylvania girl after meeting her in an Internet chat
> room.
>                                Balkin ran Mark I Video Productions from his
> home on Luhmann Drive. A
>                 résumé posted on the Internet says he has been producing
> videos for 15 years,
>                 specializing in the use of film archives and miniature
> cameras. The résumé lists
>                 his e-mail identity as "marnak -AT- aol.com."
>                 Patton said Balkin was arrested based on "investigative
> information which
>                 indicated that Balkin, by use of the Internet, was planning
> on traveling to the
>                 Bridgewater Sports Complex to meet with a 14-year-old female
> for the
>                 purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual activity."
>                 The task force had executed a search warrant at Balkin's
> home before he
>                 showed up at the sports complex, Patton said. She declined
> to say what
>                 authorities found at Balkin's home.
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