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Re: PC: P1K X72A boxcar lettering

P&G was one of the biggest shippers on the LV and it still is a major
customer for Conrail, one of the reasons trains on that end of the line
lasted as long as they did.  The WACG41/WAMH41 still runs there 5 days a
week.  Otherwise courtesy of Conrail there would be nothing in north
eastern PA -  


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> The Vermont Railway cars where assigned to loading by Proctor 
> and Gambles Charmin Paper Plant. The LV did not have the 
> resources to aquare a fleet of class 1 box cars for loading at 
> Mahopmany. P&G before Conrail shipped if my memory is right 
> about 1200 to 1600 carloads a month on the LV. The VTR rebuilt 
> 40' PS-1 box cars, I think these where ex-Rutland, and supplied 
> these to the Lehigh Valley for the per diem income. After Conrail 
> when the service to this major shipper became very poor P&G 
> switched to trucks. The Charmin Paper warehouse could handle 48 
> 50ft box cars spoted under its roof. The employes who have to go 
> from one end of the building to the other used bikes and roller 
> stakes to travel around inside the building. The maintaince personal 
> used a form of converted electric golf cart. To watch them make the 
> Charmin, Puffs and Pampers was fastinating.
> Bob Stafford
> > That type of stencilling on cars went the way of the dodo bird with the
> > widespread usage of computers. 
> > 
> > Say you had a customer on the PC that bought large quantity's of sky
> > hooks from a manufacturer on the EL. Being such a large customer, PC
> > would assign a group of cars for that service. And when they were empty
> > on the PC you'd want them headed back to the EL for more skyhooks.
> > 
> > Some years back I was in Pennsylvania and spotted a large group of
> > Vermont Railway boxcars ( stretched 40ft>50ft PS1's BTW) on a siding.
> > They had "When Empty return to LV Agent Mahopenny (sic) PA" on
> > them. Turned out these cars had been leased to Proctor and Gamble
> > for use shipping Charmin toilet paper and they rarely if ever returned
> > Vermont. When I saw them they were off lease but the VTR didn't want
> > them back so they sat in PA until they were scrapped....
> > 
> > Doug
> > 
> > 

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