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Re: PC: P1K X72A boxcar lettering

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The Vermont Railway cars where assigned to loading by Proctor 
and Gambles Charmin Paper Plant. The LV did not have the 
resources to aquare a fleet of class 1 box cars for loading at 
Mahopmany. P&G before Conrail shipped if my memory is right 
about 1200 to 1600 carloads a month on the LV. The VTR rebuilt 
40' PS-1 box cars, I think these where ex-Rutland, and supplied 
these to the Lehigh Valley for the per diem income. After Conrail 
when the service to this major shipper became very poor P&G 
switched to trucks. The Charmin Paper warehouse could handle 48 
50ft box cars spoted under its roof. The employes who have to go 
from one end of the building to the other used bikes and roller 
stakes to travel around inside the building. The maintaince personal 
used a form of converted electric golf cart. To watch them make the 
Charmin, Puffs and Pampers was fastinating.
Bob Stafford

> That type of stencilling on cars went the way of the dodo bird with the
> widespread usage of computers. 
> Say you had a customer on the PC that bought large quantity's of sky
> hooks from a manufacturer on the EL. Being such a large customer, PC
> would assign a group of cars for that service. And when they were empty
> on the PC you'd want them headed back to the EL for more skyhooks.
> Some years back I was in Pennsylvania and spotted a large group of
> Vermont Railway boxcars ( stretched 40ft>50ft PS1's BTW) on a siding.
> They had "When Empty return to LV Agent Mahopenny (sic) PA" on
> them. Turned out these cars had been leased to Proctor and Gamble
> for use shipping Charmin toilet paper and they rarely if ever returned to
> Vermont. When I saw them they were off lease but the VTR didn't want
> them back so they sat in PA until they were scrapped....
> Doug

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