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Re: PC: P1K X72A boxcar lettering

Sometimes groups of railroads would purchase cars to use together for one
industry that used a run on two or more railroads that needed dedicated
cars. The long, high cube auto parts box cars are an example; all of the
roads that were used in a parts path would buy cars for the dedicated
pool in proportion to their mileage used in the route. Quite often cars
were dedicated to one service because they were either specialized cars
not suited for other services (such as the auto parts cars), or they were
cars that couldn't be cleaned well enough after being placed in other
services (such as cars placed in paper services). If an industry
generated enough revenue for the railroad they could often demand
dedicated cars to insure that they had enough empties available.

Here is the South, the cars I see most often with routing stencils are
former L&N ACF smoothside hoppers. These cars were usually painted either
gray or blue. The "big blues" were quite distinctive, with their bright
yellow lettering, when new but are now quite faded and stained. Some cars
are CSXT, but quite a few have been sold to private owners.

Bryan Turner
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