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PC: Re: Re: PC tank cars


It was in the PRR guide Vol 2 as well ( I think it is the same).  I just
want ANY info- I have really run into a wall on this one as everything is
either too new or too old for PC era (that I have found).  Who was the major
owner of private/leased tank cars, types, availability in HO.....

Thanks, it really is a neat car-  why this only one car- were others built
for other roads or private owners, and why own only one tank car.

If you have not guessed I want to put together a tank train (after the coal
drag, passenger, TOFC.....oh and then there is my HOn3 stuff that I have not
touched in the past year too....)

Garrett Rea

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Subject: PC: Re: PC tank cars

>The only tank in the PC Color Guide is a 38, 040 gallon capacity "Rail
>from the Pennsy, built in 1966.   It has a really neat PC paint scheme.
>with a green "underbelly", curving down towards the ends, and green
>ends, green PC logo.  White reporting marks, car number on underbelly.
>Was this the only PC letterd tank car??

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