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Re: PC: Re: Ex-PC Locomotives in Service?

Don't know if these units still exist or if Lake States is even still
in business but the following former PC Alco's were listed there  

PC 2439, 2442,2443,2444 all at Lake States as 1280,281,1281,381

Just passing along the information

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Garrett Rea wrote:

> There are four here in Nashville- all E8's two are NYC paint and two are in
> a modified L&N paint (red and silver instead of blue and cream).  They don't
> run too well, and the crews hate them.  Three are used for excursions and
> the other is for the local dinner train.  The Nashville & Eastren hopes to
> start commuter service with the DOT here shortly, using junk BN E9s (5 or
> so) and two story C&NW cars.  Set up for failure?
> Garrett Rea
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> Subject: PC: Ex-PC Locomotives in Service?
> >Does anyone know how many ex-PC locos are still in service today,
> >especially on CR? I recall seeing one in Guilford paint a few years ago,
> >but the "PC" was visible through the overpaint.
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> >Ed
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